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Plugin for editing text (including the value of additional fields TV) in the site frontend. Used Aloha Editor (aloha-editor.org).


September 10, 2012

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Supported Versions
2.2 - Current



Installation and Configuration  1. Install the plugin from "System" -> "Package Management".  2. Go to "Elements" -> "Plugins" -> "aloha_editor" -> "Properties".  3. Configure the settings:     content_fields - JSON array of fields to edit the selectors and elements in HTML-layout.         Example: {"pagetitle":".title", "content":"#page-content"}         In this case, you can edit the contents of the HTML-element CSS-class "title" (title) and the element with ID "page-content" (content).              tv_fields - JSON array of extra fields (TV) for editing and selector elements in HTML-layout.         {"tv3":"#param1", "tv4":"#param2"}         tv3 - this TV with ID = 3.          usergroups - group of the user for whom the editor is available in the frontend (can be several separated by commas). If not specified, have access to all authorized in the context "mgr" and the right to "save_document".  If the plugin does not work, check the system event was to "OnWebPagePrerender". The user must be logged in to the context "mgr" (manager) and have a right of action "save_document" (Security -> Access Control -> Access Policies -> Group).

New in 1.1.0-rc2

1.1 rc1- Updated version of the Aloha Editor to 0.22 (removed ExtJS).- Added a button "Edit in manager".- "Save" button has been moved to the tab "Action". Save only the contents of the active element.

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September 10, 2012
2.2 - Current