About bdListings

Developed by Mark Hamstra for BD Creative . Licensed under the GLP v2 license.

bdListings enables you to display (third party) listings for services, products, offers (ads). (tho no payment integration is included).

There are no detail pages, however the link to the website (when set up properly) will be tracked and you can view the amount of clicks in a certain period through the back-end component.

It is possible to set up friendly URLs for the categories. See the documentation for more detailed information.


October 5, 2012

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Supported Versions
2.0 - Current


New in 1.1.4-pl

bdListings 1.1.4-pl (2012-10-05)

  • Fix charts by including a local charts swf file instead of the (externally hosted) YUI default.

bdListings 1.1.3-pl (2012-02-16)

  • Add "extended" checkbox which can be used as toggle for eg a bigger/different listing or showing a contact form with it.
  • Some minor interface updates for 2.2.
  • Make sure the back-end "website" field prefixes http://, and check again in bdRedirect, to prevent breaking the redirect urls.

bdListings 1.1.2-pl

  • Make sure requests with a category set also checks subcategories.
  • Fix showing of (sub)categories when updating.
  • Fix refreshing of listings grid on remove.
  • Extend full-text search to include keywords and the company name as well.

bdListings 1.1.1-pl

  • Add option to disable tracking views on a snippet-call basis, allowing fine tuning of what views are tracked.

bdListings 1.1.0-pl

  • #1 Create/update window fixed to properly show subcategories
  • Normalize click tracking into the bdListings class.
  • Add view count which counts every time the listing is displayed through the bdListings snippet.

bdListings 1.0.0-pl

  • First public release.

Current releases

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October 5, 2012
2.0 - Current