About ElementHelper

Element Helper is a MODX Revolution plugin for automatically creating elements from static files without the MODx manager.

For instructions on using ElementHelper please see https://github.com/roryg/ElementHelper


January 13, 2014

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Supported Versions
2.2 - <2.2



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New in 1.3.3-pl

Element Helper 1.3.3


- (JayCarney) Input properties fix

- (JayCarney) Added support for MIGX

Element Helper 1.3.2


- Fixed issue where deleting everything in the template_variables.json file prevented TVs from being removed in the manager.

Element Helper 1.3.0


- (exside) Added system setting elementhelper.usergroups to specify usergroups where ElementHelper should run, so page/manager are not slowed down by the plugin for users that cannot edit files in the target folders

- (exside) Added native modx caching to the plugin, so it only runs when a file in the target directories has changed, makes the plugin less obtrusive (by not checking all the files on every request) and makes it even possible to let it active on production sites (together with the usergroups feature)

- (exside) Updated translations (german/english)

Element Helper 1.2.2


- Fixed error where TVs were trying to assign templates that didn't exist.

Element Helper 1.2.1


- (exside) Fixed problems with media source 1 not pointing to base path

- (exside) Added system setting "elementhelper.source" to specify which media source should be used for the static files

- (exside) Added german translation

- (exside) Added setting to make the description key customizable

- Added setting for default element descriptions

Element Helper 1.2.0


- Fixed various errors and bugs

- Made cache clearing more specific to avoid clearing unnecessary parts of the cache

- Added element history so only elements created with ElementHelper will be deleted when their files have been removed

Element Helper 1.1.1


- Fixed bug causing TVs to lose their settings

- Stopped Plugins from being auto deleted

Element Helper 1.1.0


- Fixed warnings/errors when trying to access directories that don't exist.

- Added OnManagerPageInit event to the plugin so elements update when a manager page is loaded.

- Added the ability to use categories on TVs

- Added setting to allow elements to be deleted from the manager when their files are deleted.

Element Helper 1.0.0


- Initial release

Current releases

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January 13, 2014
2.2 - <2.2