Creator: Oleg Pryadko (yoleg)

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About FormitFastPack

One step away from a form generator. A FormIt helper component for MODx Revolution with snippets that help with creating, maintaining, templating, and optimizing the HTML for FormIt (and other) forms. Template all of your form fields with only two template chunks for each form style, generate and speed-optimize option groups, and use the same email report template for all of your forms. 

Can be made to work with other form-based snippets like EditProfile if you tweak the parameters.


August 11, 2012

Supported Database
MySQL, SQL Server


Supported Versions
2.1 - Current



Example usage of the field snippet:

  • [[!field &name=`full_name` &type=`text` &class=`required`]]
  • [[!field &name=`favorite_color` &type=`checkbox` &options=`Blue||Red||Yellow`]]
To quickly get an idea of customizing the HTML and how the other features of FormitFastPack work, take a look at the tutorial and field snippet documentation.

New in 1.1.0-pl

Changelog for FormitFastPack.

FormitFastPack 1.0.0 beta


- Fixed value refresh bug (Revo 2.2?)

- Speed optimization

- Refactoring for OOP

- Various options tweaked, not all options fully tested yet

FormitFastPack 0.1.1 beta - 0.1.4 beta


- added support for options and field_html generated from any element

- added error prefix override (for better compatibility with EditProfile)

- changed the default chunk names

FormitFastPack 0.1.0 beta


- starting version

Current releases

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August 11, 2012
2.1 - Current