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Creator: Mat Dave Jones (matdave)

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About PageShrink

PageShrink is a MODX Revolution Extra that allows you to shrink the size of your MODX pages by removing unnecessary whitespace and comments from the HTML output. It also works to minify Javascript and CSS inlined in your page.


June 6, 2023

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.0 - Current


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  • Download the latest release from the MODX Extras Repository or via the MODX Package Browser.
  • Install the package via the MODX Package Manager.
  • System Settings

    pageshrink.resource_shrink yes Minify the output of Resources.

    pageshrink.cache_resource_shrink yes Cache the minified output of Resources.


    MODX PageShrink is enabled by default. The shrunk version of the resource is also cached by default. You can disable the cache globally by setting the pageshrink.cache_resource_shrink system setting to 0.

    It is recommended to keep the page cache enabled. If you have specific resources that you do not want to cache, you can disable the cache for those resources by setting the cacheable property to 0 in the resource's settings. This would apply to things like forms, pages with pagination, etc., where the painted content of the page will change based on a user interaction or request variable. PageShrink will attempt to detect these types of pages and create a new cache, but there may be some edge cases where it does not work as expected.

    New in 1.0.3-pl

    • Add settings to enable/disable certain minification options
    • Add ability to minify CSS and JS type resources

    Current releases

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    June 6, 2023
    2.0 - Current