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About Formz

Form Builder that allows the end user to create forms from a User Interface (UI) that allows you to save to database or save to database and send an email to email address provided.

You can view all your Formz submissions and export them from a simple UI, you can add Formz to pages by simply using the template variable provided.

Form Builder makes use of FormIt and FormItFastPack 1.1.0-pl.

Formz Documentation


November 20, 2014

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.2 - <2.3



After Installing Formz, you can start creating your forms by going to the components menu and opening Formz Builder.

Create a Form by clicking on Create a new Form, once you have created the form you should be taken back to the edit screen with a new Tab called Fields. You can now add all the fields your Form will have and set the field and validation type.

New in 1.1.1-pl

Formz 1.1.1


- Updated email hook for multiple TO addresses

Formz 1.1.0


- [Issue: #3] Now supporting MODx 2.3

- [Issue: #2] Added dependencies as sub packages

- [PR: #1] Added German translation

- Added index on senton column allow for quicker exports- Removed sender name

Formz 1.0.0 rc3======================

  • Updated UI with more visual buttons
  • Allows user to use their own custom hooks with any forms created through the interface
  • [#45] CSV export only returns 21 results

Formz 1.0.0 rc1


- [#23] Multiple Forms on 1 page - How To (thanks to Grey Sky Media for fix)

- [#25] Required Bug

Formz 1.0.0 Beta3


  • [#14] Default upon Form creation
  • [#13] Passing over field tags to emailTpl
  • [#10] TV to have options to set emailTpl, emailFrom, emailTo, formTpl, fieldTpl etc
  • [#9] Bug when a user has multiple form, data was not persistent

Formz 1.0.0 Beta2


  • FIxed issue with installer throwing error for plugin installation

Formz 1.0.0 Beta1


  • Fixed single instance of view submission window
  • Fixed field name to be based on field naming rather than label
  • Fix manager grid scaling with browser
  • Snippets and Plugins are now referenced as static files
  • Removed modResource call in snippet to use clean function
  • Added in Translations for French and Swedish (thanks to Romain and Joakim)
  • Added in Export to CSV the results
  • Added email and number validation type

Formz 1.0.0 Alpha1/2/3


  • Initial release.

Current releases

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November 20, 2014
2.2 - <2.3