Image Cropping plugin for Fred

Creator: Murray Wood (digitalpenguin)

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About FredCropper

  • Modal editor window allowing easy cropping, rotating, flipping, zooming and resizing of multiple images.

  • Works with Fred's implementation of the elFinder file browser.

  • Provides previews of crops in both a preview modal window, as well as a new tab in the browser.

  • Crops are all saved to a user-specified directory on the server and indexed in a custom database table.


September 28, 2020

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.7 - Current


FredCropper Documentation



After installing FredCropper via the MODX package manager, create a Fred element which contains an "img" tag, and give it some extra attributes. We need src, srcset, data-fred-name and data-fred-attrs. See the following example:

  • "src" and "srcset" should have the same value.

  • FredCropper will manipulate the srcset attribute automatically but it needs an initial value so that when you drop the element in a dropzone, it will show an image you can click on to open the cropping window.

  • data-fred-attrs is the attribute that controls what Fred will save. Make sure you include srcset, sizes, data-crop, alt and title as values. (alt and title aren't being used yet but they will be in the next update)

  • data-fred-name is the same as any other editable Fred element. Give it a unique value.


After setting up the attributes above, next switch to the options tab. We need to enter the crop sizes we want for this element, as well as the value you want for the "sizes" attribute.

See the following example:

{ "FredCropper": [ { "crops": [ { "name": "desktop", "label": "Desktop", "size": "1920x400" }, { "name": "mobile", "label": "Mobile", "size": "768x600" }, { "name": "tiny", "label": "Tiny", "size": "300x150" } ] }, { "sizes": "(min-width: 1200px) 1920w, 768w" } ]}

As you can see above, everything is under the "FredCropper" name. Just like your other options might be under "settings".

The two main options here are "crops" and "sizes". Each crop needs a "name, a "label" and a "size" value.

The "sizes" value can be anything you like to control how the images appear on different screen widths. e.g.

Once you've finished, save, and you can start to use it. Drop the element into a dropzone and click on the image to open the cropper.

New in 1.0.0-alpha1

First alpha release.

Current releases

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September 28, 2020
2.7 - Current