Add 2 Factor Authentication to MODX.

Creator: Mina Gerges (mina_gerges)

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About GoogleAuthenticatorX

Add 2 Factor Authentication to MODX manager login & front end login via pre-hook for "Login" extra.

2-factor authentications secures login by adding an extra authentication field "Authentication key" AKA one-time password. Even if user credentials are exposed in any way, the authentication is still protected by the one-time password which is changed every 30 seconds.


December 6, 2022

Supported Database
MySQL, SQL Server


Supported Versions
2.2 - Current


GoogleAuthenticatorX Documentation


  • Install a QR-code reader & Google Authenticator on your mobile device.
  • @MODX manager: Open your user page, GoogleAuthenticatorX tab, and click "Show Secret".
  • Add account in your Google Authenticator mobile application by scanning the QR-code.
  • Go to System settings, "GoogleAuthenticatorX" namespace, change "Disable 2-factor authentication" to "No"
  • NB. If you run to any issues and cannot login, just modify System_Settings DB table, change "gax_disabled" to 1

New in 1.3.3-pl

Changelog file for GoogleAuthenticatorX ModX extra.

GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.3.3-pl
  • Use class based processors
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.3.2-pl
  • [#20][#23] Fixed PHP Warnings
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.3.1-rc1
  • Fixed setup migration issue
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.3.0-rc1
  • Replace deprecated mcrypt with OpenSSL
  • Fixed issue causing 2FA secrets reset upon MODx upgrade
  • Code enhancements
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.2.2-rc4
  • Fixed legacy package data migration
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.2.1-rc4
  • Enhanced GAxUserQRcode snippet
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.2.0-rc4
  • Added "Login" extra integration hook
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.1.1-rc3
  • Fixed corrupted transport package
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.1.0-rc3
  • [#12] Fixed user "Extended fields" data loss on "secret reset"
  • [#14] Fixed sending email to users during installation i8n issue
  • [#13] Changed encryption cipher
  • [#9][#11] Allow change of QR-code "issuer" value
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.0.0-rc2
  • [#1] Added setup-options (enable 2-step verification + email instructions to users with manager access)
  • Users' emails now are sent with each user manager language.
  • More detailed instructions email to users.
  • [#5] Fixed hardcoded login form strings.
  • [#10] Fixed double slashes in URI
GoogleAuthenticatorX 1.0.0-rc1
  • Public availability
GoogleAuthenticatorX 0.9.0-beta
  • Added feature: Users courtesy log-in
  • Added feature: Allow users QR-code in manager profile
  • Added feature: Send Instructions email to users
  • Added feature: Send QR-Code by email
GoogleAuthenticatorX 0.4.2-beta
  • Fixed issue: Avoid Google Authenticator account conflict
  • Fixed issue: Changing status with lexicon
  • Better logging
GoogleAuthenticatorX 0.3.2-beta
  • Multi language support
GoogleAuthenticatorX 0.2.1-beta
  • Added users tab
  • Data are stored encrypted.
GoogleAuthenticatorX 0.1.0-beta
  • Initial commit (Basic functionality)

Current releases

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December 6, 2022
2.2 - Current