Blazing fast Google sitemap generator for MODX

Creator: Shaun McCormick (splittingred)
Updated by: YJ Tso (sepiariver)

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About GoogleSiteMap

Generates a Google SiteMap XML.

New GoogleSiteMap Snippet—many times faster than Version 1, but with less options. If params are specified that depend on the old version, it will be called.

Please see the official documentation here:

Source code is here:


February 9, 2018

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.5 - Current


GoogleSiteMap Documentation


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(You can call it uncached because it caches to its own partition.)

New in 2.1.0-beta1

New in 2.1.0-beta1

  • Added GSMCacheManager plugin OnSiteRefresh
  • Multi-Context fix

New in 2.0.2-rc1

  • Complete rewrite based on Garry's blazing fast sitemap code
  • Added cachemanager
  • Efforts were made to make it backwards compatible using runSnippet to call the legacy snippet if legacy features are required.
  • RC release could use some more testing

New in 1.3.1

  • [#14] Add &priorityTV to allow for specifying priority of page in a TV
  • [#15] Better Articles support

New in 1.3.0

  • [#7] Add &showHidden for showing items hidden from menu; hide those by default
  • Add &where for JSON-based where filtering
  • [#13] Add &excludeChildrenOf, which can take a comma-separated list of parents to exclude all children of

New in 1.2.1

  • [#1] Add ability to make sitemap from a specific Resource via startId property
  • [#4] Fix issue where children of non-published resources were not showing
  • [#5] Fix issue where children of non-searchable resources were not showing

New in 1.2.0

  • Updated google schema to 0.9, fixed reference
  • Added maxDepth, excludeResources properties
  • Refactored to work with overridable chunks for templates
  • Fixed URL generation bug where home URL was incorrectly generating
  • Updated copyright information
  • i18n of properties

Current releases

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October 27, 2020
2.6 - Current

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October 31, 2019
2.6 - Current

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February 9, 2018
2.5 - Current