About imageSlim

The Image Slenderizer.

Tired of clients junking up content areas and richtext TVs with enormous images?  Simply follow these 3 easy steps!  

  • Download and install.  
  • Apply a generous helping of imageSlim to the affected area: [ [*content:imageSlim] ]  
  • Watch that excess page weight melt away.  
  • imageSlim scans an HTML fragment for img tags, compares each image's natural size to its desired size and if needed calls phpThumbOf to size it down.

    If you've looked at AutoFixImageSize or DirectResize but ran into their limitations, give imageSlim a try today.

    Read more on GitHub.


    November 2, 2013

    Supported Database
    MySQL, SQL Server


    Supported Versions
    2.0 - Current



  • Make sure you have pThumb or phpThumbOf installed.  pThumb is compatible with phpThumbOf, significantly faster and eliminates some potential problems caused by phpThumbOf bugs.
  • Download and install imageSlim.  The installer will alert you to any potential problems with your configuration.
  • See the GitHub page for complete documentation, or to file bug reports or feature requests.
  • New in 1.1.3-pl


    • [#7] Always use the cached copy of a remote image, even if it doesn't need to be altered
    • [#8] Fix unwanted conversion of empty DOM nodes into self-closing tags when there's more than one in an HTML fragment


    • Improve identification and handling of remote images
    • [#6] Fix handling of empty <textarea></textarea> tags
    • Add a use_resizer setting/property for enabling Resizer independent of the site-wide setting. imageSlim will use Resizer by default if pThumb is installed.


    • [#5] If MODX is installed in a subdirectory, keep the subdirectory name from incorrectly occurring twice in the path.
    • On remote images, add a protocol to any protocol-relative URLs to prevent cURL from failing.


    • [#4] Add imgSrc property to specify a different source attribute for img tags. Data attributes for example.
    • Remove hotlinking checks for remote images.  I can't think of when these would actually be useful.
    • Add imageSlimCacheManager plugin to clean up the remote images cache on OnSiteRefresh events.


    • [#2] Add a workaround for phpThumbOf isssue #53.


    • Fix domDocument handling of iframe, video and audio tags so they
    •  don't become self closing.


    • uses cURL for remote images
    • adds caching of remote images and a max download time threshold


    • Initial version

    Current releases

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    November 2, 2013
    2.0 - Current

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    October 6, 2013
    2.0 - Current