About KOMTET Kassa

This solution allows your online store equipped with miniShop2 extra to connect to the cloud-based service "KOMTET Kassa" in order to comply with the requirements of 54-FZ for registration of payments using electronic means of payment on the Internet.

KOMTET Kassa will fiscalize client's order when order's state in miniShop2 will set to "done".


October 24, 2023

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.6 - Current




  • Check out that miniShop2 extra is installed on your ModX website
  • Use ModX package manager to install KOMTET Kassa extra
  • Setting up

    KOMTET Kassa is storing it's settings in ModX's settings. So all what you should to do is set a values from your KOMTET account to your ModX website.

  • komtetkassa_shop_id. In the account page on the site of KOMTET Kassa go to the "Shops" menu (on the left in the "Fiscalization" drop-down menu), then select the desired shop and go to its settings, where you will find the necessary value (Shop ID).
  • komtetkassa_secret. Same as the previous one (Secret).
  • komtetkassa_queue_id. In the account page on the site of KOMTET Kassa go to the "Cashier" menu (on the left in the "Fiscalization" drop-down menu), then find the desired shop and on the left of its name you will find a four-digit number (Queue ID).
  • komtetkassa_sno. Specify the taxation system for your company. Data on the tax system will be used to form a check. This field can have the following values: "no", "0", "10", "18", "110", "118".
  • New in 1.2.0-pl

  • Fiscalization of return checks has been implemented
  • Minor fixes
  • Current releases

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    October 24, 2023
    2.6 - Current

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    February 15, 2018
    2.6 - Current