MODX Revolution Boilerplate

Creator: Phil Steer (pdincubus)

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About MODX Revolution Boilerplate

A handy bunch of templates, chunks and snippets to get you up and running a bit more quickly.

Also, comprehensive README, and a post-install Checklist on the GitHub repo:

This is, in part, a rewrite of my previous extra minus the assets directory, and with a lot of updates:


August 31, 2016

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.2 - <2.4



New in 1.2.0-pl

For all info:

#Most recent additions


* Remove old stuff I've not used in ages, re-organised a few bits. Updated the README.


* Tweaks to contact form to fix storing in MODX database, redirect fixes and markup changes


* Add AutoRetriever to personalise thank you page for contact form

* Make contact for have a default ID if none is passed to the chunk

* New ContactThanks template

* Change names of two ClientConfig global placeholders to make better sense

* Updated README

* Add empty SPAMbot form field with :blank validator


* Fix up some FormIt autoresponder things

* Slight alterations to contact template for the above


* Added: Collection container and Collection child templates

* Added: Collection container results row chunk

* Tidy up error returns on contact form

* Update SimpleSearch form for completeness

* Added: SimpleSearch "no results" chunk

* Added: SimpleSearch pagination chunks

* Updated SimpleSearch result container chunk to correct HTML isssue

* Added: SimpleSearch custom driver (I still can't find the forum post regarding this and why I needed it)

* Updated: contact form now accepts global placeholders (See README)

* Added: Search page template

* Updated: SimpleSearch configuration on Search Results template - allows TV searching, and more customisation with chunk calls


* Fix pdoMenu chunk names in site.head chunk


* Remove previous transport package

* Update several chunks to use global placeholders (Suggest you use ClientConfig for this)

* Update snippets

* Update templates

* Remove ALL assets - this repo is JUST for templates, chunks and snippets

* New - autoresponder FormIt stuff and chunk

* Suggest pdoTools for pdoResources, pdoSitemap, pdoMenu etc instead.


* New repo and transport package beta

Current releases

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August 31, 2016
2.2 - <2.4