My Cloud Fulfillment for Commerce

Integrates the My Cloud Fulfillment API with Commerce

Creator: Murray Wood (digitalpenguin)

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About My Cloud Fulfillment for Commerce

This Commerce module introduces a custom shipping method called "MyCloudFulfillment Shipping Method". When a customer pays for an order using this shipping method, the order details are sent to MyCloudFulfillment to start the delivery process.

On the Commerce order detail screen there is an order field showing if the order has been sent. There are also details including the mycloud id and tracking url on each order shipment.

This module also includes a webhook that can be set up so when a shipment is being readied or delivered, MyCloudFulfillment can update the order status in Commerce automatically.


March 26, 2021

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Supported Versions
2.8 - Current


My Cloud Fulfillment for Commerce Documentation


Enable the module: In the MODX manager, open Commerce then go to Configuration -> Modules. Find Commerce_MyCloudFulfillment in the list and enable it for test and live modes. Module setup: On the same modal, there is a checkbox Enable test account details. If you have managed to get test api credentials, check the box, save and enter them in the new fields. Otherwise don't check the box to use the live/production credentials. Note: due to difficulty getting test keys for this API this checkbox is the only way to use them. If you don't check it, the Commerce test mode will attempt to use the live endpoints. Create your shipping methods: On the Commerce configuration page, click on the Shipping Methods tab. Create as many shipping methods as you like but to use this module you need to select MyCloud Fulfillment Shipping Method from the drop down box. This custom shipping method type has an extra field at the bottom called MyCloud Fulfillment Shipping ID#. Get this number from your MyCloudFulfillment account. Set up products: Your products listed in the MyCloudFulfillment portal should share the same SKU as your products in Commerce and have enough stock available. Set up statuses: The following statuses will be sent from the API PACKED, INPROGRESS, SHIPPED, DELIVERED You should set up statuses with the same names in that order. The webhook will then process the status changes when it's notified. Set up webhook. The webhook is available at You will need to contact MyCloudFulfillment to have it set.

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March 26, 2021
2.8 - Current