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Updated by: Christian Seel (christianseel)

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About PiwikVisitsSummary

This extra brings the Piwik VisitsSummary Graph to your MODX Dashboard. The package also includes a chunk with the piwik tracking code.

Source code & Issues @ GitHub: http://github.com/christianseel/PiwikVisitsSummary


November 6, 2013

Supported Database
MySQL, SQL Server


Supported Versions
2.1 - Current



  • Install the extra via the MODX package management in your MODX manager
  • go to your system settings, select the piwikvisitssummary namespace and enter your piwik url, siteid and token_auth
  • edit your dashboard configuration and add the PiwikVisitsSummary widget to your dashboard

To include the piwik tracking code to your site, you can use the [[$piwik.trackingcode]] chunk. It uses the url and siteid from your PiwikVisitsSummary settings.

New in 1.0.4-pl

PiwikVisitsSummary 1.0.4-pl (06.11.2013)


- force trailing slash for piwik url

PiwikVisitsSummary 1.0.3-pl (06.11.2013)


- moved login button into the widget header

- added setting for date parameter of widget

PiwikVisitsSummary 1.0.2-pl (05.11.2013)


- added system setting for default protocol

- increased iframe size to reduce unsed space

- re-add posibility to scroll in the iframe to view annotations

PiwikVisitsSummary 1.0.1-pl (31.10.2013)


- possible link to full statistics

- no default entries in system settings

- language for system setings

PiwikVisitsSummary 1.0.0-pl (12.02.2013)


- added chunk with piwik tracking code

- inital MODX package release

PiwikVisitsSummary 0.1.0-dev1 (12.02.2013)


- fixed some critical errors

PiwikVisitsSummary 0.0.1-dev1 (12.02.2013)


- inital dev release

Current releases

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November 6, 2013
2.1 - Current