CloudFlare API Integration

Save resource and clear MODX cache now clear CloudFlare cache.

Creator: Dash Media (dashmedia)

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About CloudFlare API Integration

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January 12, 2017

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.2 - Current


CloudFlare API Integration Documentation


Install via Package Manager, or grab the static files from our GitHub Repo feel free to report bugs

New in 2.1.1-pl


- Fix for php 5.3.x (Thanks to @getandyjones)


- Upgrade to CloudFlare API V4 (Thanks to @friimaind)


- Fix for clearing single files clearing when domain starts with 'www'


- Fix for domains starting with 'www'

- Allow use_dev to be set in system settings or context settings


- enable dev mode now defaults to 0, set context or system setting to 1 to enable


- WARNING: Updated system and context setting names

- Migrate to repoman for package creation


- Fix error caused by browser plugin which changed the urls being referenced for the api


- Fix the enable dev mode flag


- All parents of saved document also purged from cloudflare cache on save


- Clearing site cache will now activate development mode for the domain

- Add cf_use_dev context option


- Removed system settings from namespace as ThemePackagerComponent doesn't seem to fully-support them yet, this was preventing people from saving the system settings until they were moved into another namespace


- PugeSingeFile added, PurgeCloudFlare will now clear individual pages from the CloudFlare cache when they are saved from the manager (Yep, how cool is that)

- Added support for multiple contexts


- Inital Commit

Current releases

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January 12, 2017
2.2 - Current