About BootstrapForMODX

Rapid deployment of web sites using Wayfinder and Quickcrumbs or pdoCrumbs, pdoResources, and pdoMenu.

This MODX contribution allows the user to rapidly deploy Bootstrap sites by providing selectable CDNs and a drop in standard template which can be rapidly customized for use with Packages, layouts, and dedicated application front-ends.


The publisher can select MaxCDN/Bootstrap, CloudFlare, or local storage (default). Additionally, a seperate header and footer file has been included which can be used to implement site specific content. The default template will attempt to load the Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome files local file system, unless otherwise specified at runtime. Versions can also be designated in the Template at the CDN-Header and CDN-Footer chunk calls. A local fallback route has been implemented to ensure the necessary CSS and JavaScript is loaded if a CDN fails for whatever reason. If a version is not specified the defaults will be used.

Facebook, OpenGraph, Card and Google Analytics

OpenGraph and card entries are automatically created for each page using the Resource pagetitle, createdby, publishedon, description and other attributes. To function as intended the SEO-Meta call requires Google Analytics ID, fb:app_id and/or fb:admins, :creator, and :site entries to be populated.


June 18, 2015

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.3 - Current



Install via The Extras Installer / Package Manager or via the Github Repository The Installer is much faster.

There are three Templates on the Filesystem to choose from.

The default Skeleton Template uses Wayfinder and QuickCrumbs.

Two additional Templates localed on the files system (assets/components/bootstrap/elements/templates) use pdoTools and inline chunks.

Either duplicate the Default skeleton Template for use on the site, or create a new template, select static, browse the the other menus, and save the template.

The content of the template should then appear.  Deselect static and save the template again.

I am looking for people to create additional templates for use with Collections, Articles, and other implementations. Please submit those via the GitHub Repository in the appropriate location.

New in 3.3.5-pl

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June 18, 2015
2.3 - Current