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Note: this package is quite old already. If it works for you, that's great, but don't expect a full blown html to pdf converter. Please consider services like DocRaptor (http://docraptor.com) if you want great html to pdf conversion.

pdfBridge is a MODX Revolution plugin that converts Resources to PDF files using TCPDF (http://www.tcpdf.org/).


Bridgecourt Inc. / www.bridgecourt.com

Jeroen Kenters Web Development / www.kenters.com


March 31, 2011

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.0 - Current




You can install this package through Package Management.

After installation your elements tree should show a new chunk and plugin.


After installation you need to add the following TV to you website template(s):

Name: createPDF

Caption: Create PDF?

Input type: Checkbox

Input option values: yes==1

*** USAGE ***

Go to a resource, check the "Create PDF?" TV checkbox and click save. A PDF file should be generated at /assets/components/pdfbridge/

To remove the PDF simply uncheck the checkbox and save again.


Check the 'pdfTpl' chunk if you want to change the looks of the PDF. You can use some basic CSS to change colors and link underline for example.


To store the number op pages in a TV, just add a text TV to your website template.

After that add the following Property to the plugin (edit plugin -> Properties tab):

Name: pdfNumPagesTV

Value: Name of the TV you just created

You can also change the name of the "Create PDF" checkbox TV with the following plugin Property:

Name: pdfTV

Value: Name of the checkbox TV

If you want to use another chunk as PDF template, add the following plugin Property (or resource TV with the same name):

Name: pdfTpl

Value: Name of the chunk serving as PDF template

If you want to remove images from the resource content (because it will give problems when they float for example) set this plugin property:

Name: removeImages

Value: 1

Since version 0.2 all the TV's are available to your PDF template. Add this property if you want to process them as well:

Name: processTVs

Value: 1

New in 0.2.0-alpha

Version 0.2

- All TV's and resource fields are available as placeholders in your PDF template (chunk)

- Dropped the 'contentField' option, since all fields are now already available

- Option to set PDF template (chunk) using a TV called 'pdfTpl'

- Option to remove images from resource content

Version 0.1

- Initial release

Current releases

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March 31, 2011
2.0 - Current