Imagine image resizer for MODX.

Creator: jgrant (jgrant)

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About Resizer

A simple, modern image resizer for MODX. Built on Imagine, Resizer supports the Gmagick, Imagick and GD extensions and is considerably faster than phpThumb for image sizing and cropping operations.


April 30, 2014

Supported Database
MySQL, SQL Server


Supported Versions
2.0 - Current


Resizer Documentation


See an example of how to use it in your code here.

New in 1.0.0-pl

v1.0.0-pl [29.04.2014]

  • Structural overhaul: core functionality now bundled as a Composer package (oo12/Reductionist)
  • Performance improvements for thumbnailing large jpegs using Imagick or Gmagick
  • Add preliminary support for watermarking: wmt and wmi filters (hat tip funkbilly)
  • Add auto CMYK to RGB conversion and strip embedded profiles/metadata to reduce thumbnail size
  • Improve handling of rounding discrepancies when calculating dimensions
  • Fix quality scaling when zoom cropping

v0.5.1-pl [23.03.2014]

  • Fix handing of far parameter for undersized images when aoe=0
  • Fix reported output dimensions in some cases

v0.5.0-pl  [15.03.2014]

  • [#3] Add partial support for fltr[]=usm
  • [#4] Fix processing order for source crop parameters. Now works with Image+ 2.2.
  • Improve debug output
  • Add properties for final width and height
  • Merge latest Imagine commits
  • Several minor performance tweaks

v0.4.1-pl [10.11.2013]

  • Make input file checking and class loading a little more robust

v0.4.0-pl [05.10.2013]

  • Add bg (background color) parameter
  • Add far (force aspect ratio) parameter
  • [#1] Fix an issue with the package validator and older versions of the Imagick extension
  • Merge latest Imagine commits

v0.3.2-pl [29.09.2013]

  • Fix a bug in the Imagine Imagick driver (affected a few, mostly older versions of ImageMagick)

v0.3.1-pl [08.09.2013]

  • Fix a bug when sw or sh (but not both) is specified

v0.3.0-pl  [07.09.2013]

  • Add sw, sh, sx, sy options
  • Add maxq option for jpeg quality scaling on undersized input images
  • Add available memory check when using GD
  • Fix scale option name and improve operation
  • Expand debug messages
  • Merge latest Imagine commits

v0.2.0-rc1  [25.08.2013]

  • Convert to a separate package
  • Add scale and strip options
  • Integrate latest Imagine repo
  • Improve error handling
  • Add more debug info
  • Various minor improvements


  • Initial Release

Current releases

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September 15, 2019
2.6 - Current

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May 26, 2014
2.0 - Current

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April 30, 2014
2.0 - Current

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March 23, 2014
2.0 - Current

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March 15, 2014
2.0 - Current

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November 11, 2013
2.0 - Current

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October 6, 2013
2.0 - Current