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About SEO Pro - Now part of SEO Suite

SEOPro is a MODX Extra developed by Sterc. This Extra offers you guidelines in the process of optimizing your webpage for search engines. It enables you to enter focus keywords per page. Based on that input, SEOPro provides you with feedback on the SEO quality of your pagetitle, longtitle, description and alias by checking if the keywords are present.

New in 1.1.0

  • Yandex support
  • Numerous new system settings
  • Lots of bug fixes

Future features

  • Offer SEO guidelines for the content field of a webpage.


March 20, 2018

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.4 - Current




After installing SEOPro on your website (SEOPro can be found in the package manager), the following workflow is intended:

  • Pick a page on your MODX website which you would like to optimize for search engines and click it.
  • As you can see, the regular interface is extended with some new features, among which is a new field called 'Focus keywords'. Here enter the keywords you would like to optimize your page for (to add more than one keyword, use a comma to separate them).
  • Now take a look at the input fields with a 'Keywords' label. Make sure you turn the grey thumbs down into green thumbs up by adding one or more keywords to these fields. Also make sure you don't exceed the given length.
  • Save it. The webpage is now optimized for search engines and can be further improved when future features are added.

Note: try to limit the amount of focus keywords to gain more effectivity.  

Tip: use this tool to determine which keywords to focus on.


  • To set the ultimate SEO pagetitle, you can use ``.
  • To add your keywords to the page, you can use ``.

Using a TV for the keywords?

You can use this gist to convert a TV value to SEOPro.

New in 1.3.0-pl

SEO Pro 1.3.0 pl


- Change type of modResource.description to be "text" instead of "varchar". (#74)

- Small code improvements.

- Fix error on PHP 7.2 not correctly saving keywords. (#73)

SEO Pro 1.2.2 pl


- Add count back to title fields

SEO Pro 1.2.1 pl


- Set correct preview url for multi-context environments

SEO Pro 1.2.0 pl


- Remove the SEO Pro branding HTML comment

- Add system setting for specifying the title format

- Update counters to set correct value based on title format setting

SEO Pro 1.1.0 pl


- Removed template request parameter for OnLoadWebDocument system event

- Fixed resource/create processor error when creating resource without $data['keywords'] set (PR#56)

- Add build config for GPM

- Add lexicon for branding text

- Fix character count in pagetitle/longtitle to include site_name according to system setting 'usesitename' (#48 and #57)

- Allow plugin to fire on new resource, when template is default_template (#58)

- Refactor assigning and checking of template resource/request variable (#58 and #59)

- Add system settings for max amount keywords for title/description (#51)

- Add keyword counter to Keywords labels on title/description (#51)

- Add support for Yandex (via system settings)

- Add tooltip to focus keywords field (#52)

seoPro 1.0.4 pl


- Saving keywords on save #29

- FIX #39 alias error on homepage (friendly urls) @bartholomej

- Added seopro.disabledtemplates option @Jako

seoPro 1.0.3 pl


- Fixed keyword count to work also with Cyrillic

- Fixed empty NOT NULL field resource to NULL

- Added styles for MODX 2.3, thanks to christianseel

seoPro 1.0.2 pl


- Added system setting for to enabled/disabled sitename in preview and seoPro.title placeholder

seoPro 1.0.0 pl


- Initial Public Release

- Added several lexicons

-- Special thanks to

--- DE: Christian Seel

--- FR: Romain Tripault

--- IT: Alberto Rossi

--- RU: Ilya Ershov

- Added system setting for divider

- Added system setting for field where seoPro should trigger on.

Current releases

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August 23, 2019
2.4 - Current

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March 20, 2018
2.4 - Current