Creator: Josh Gulledge (jgulledge19)

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About ChurchEventsCalendar

Church Events Calendar is a complete calendar extra for MODx Revolution that was initially designed specifically for churches but would be useful in many other contexts.  Churchevents now supports templates and translations.

FormIt and ColorPicker extras are required before you can install Church Events Calendar.

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April 17, 2012

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.0 - <2.2


New in 1.1.2-pl

ChurchEvents 1.1.2 pl 

   - fixes #16 Yes/No in Manager

   - fixes PHP Warning Notices

ChurchEvents 1.1.1 pl 

   - fixes #14 Noon and Midnight issue

ChurchEvents 1.1 pl

   - fixes #8 Filters from $_REQUEST are not applied to the ChurchEventsList

   - added #4 You can now set default Calendar and Category and added an Admin filter Chunk option - calAdminFilterTpl

   - partial fix #11 Removed saving vars as cookies, now only in sessions

   - added #12 Today button

   - fixes #5 Date format now works for Javascript

   - fixes #13 Allow login via current context

   - fixes #10 Removed bad code in _calFilterTpl

   - updated template, just put the before the

ChurchEvents 1.0 pl

- fixed minor URL error in Year view

- minor CSS change for the day viewChurchEvents 1.0 rc2


- minor error set a default view.ChurchEvents 1.0 rc1 ===============

- fixed day view SQL error

- change the day view chunks (DayHolderTpl & DayEventTpl) and added CSS to the assets/components/churchevents/css/calendar.css file

- added churchevents_locationdescriptiontpl.chunk.tpl for a locaitons view

Current releases

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April 17, 2012
2.0 - <2.2