About Databackup

Databackup is a simple extra (snippet) for MODX Revolution that will backup your MySQL database as one sql dump and then each table as a SQL dump. So if you had a custom extra that failed you can easily restore one or more tables that have been messed up. This snippet is meant to be used with CronManager. If you can't use that extra then use it with getCache. You can also back up all of you MySQL DBs with this script. If you are using MSSQL look at the source and it should be easy to make it work for MSSQL.


May 8, 2014

Supported Database


Supported Versions
2.0 - <2.4


New in 1.1.9-pl

1.1.9pl 5-8-2014

  • Updated default property set to have the system setting and set these to preprocess

1.1.8pl 5-2-2014

  • Minor issue with wincache or similar where if run to close together the files would append the tmp files, basically doubling the insert records


  • #9 Memory improvements
  • added new property: tempFolder ~ temp file directory that holds data as MODX builds backup
  • added new setting: temp ~ same as the tempFolder property
  • allow spacing in includeTables and excludeTables ~ they will be auto removed

1.1.6pl 5-20-2013

  • #9 Memory & performance improvements

1.1.5pl 5-1-2013

  •     #8 Fix passing the purge time set in snippet

1.1.4pl 4-12-2013

  • #5 Added safeguard not to delete: core, manager and assets paths on purge command

1.1.3pl 9-28-2012

  • Fixed #3 set default db name from MODX settings/api rather than hard coded
  • Several more fixes and usability improvements thanks to yurkobb
  • NOTE Setting change to: databackup.purge from: databackup.pruge

1.1.2pl 6-25-2012- Added the System Settings to the build script

1.1.1pl 6-22-2012  

  • Fixed call to undefined variable
  • Set to Revo 2.2.* in Packages

1.1pl 9-30-2011 

  • #2 Added includeTables and excludeTables options #1 Put up docs: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/Databackup

- 1.0.1pl Fixed file case naming error. 

  • This would have caused some Unix/Linux trouble.

- Initial release 1.0pl

Current releases

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May 8, 2014
2.0 - <2.4