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About LiveBlogger

LiveBlogger adds the ability for the front end resources of your choice to update their content automatically on the fly, at the interval of your choice. Right infront of your user's eyes! Great for live blogging!


November 10, 2012

Supported Database
MySQL, SQL Server


Supported Versions
2.2 - <2.2



Install LiveBlogger via Package Manager.

Now go to System Settings > liveblogger and set Update Interval to the number of milliseconds to wait in between updating content. Set content id to the id of the HTML element in your Template that contains the content, this elements innerHTML will be updated periodically according to the Update Interval.

Grant access for the liveUpdate Template Variable for the Templates you\'d like to use with LiveBlogger.

Include jQuery in your Template if it isn't already and anywhere after include the liveblog-script Chunk like so:


** Make sure that jQuery is included in your page before the liveblog-script. **

Thanks for using LiveBlogger!

JP DeVries

[email protected]

New in 0.4.6-beta1

Changelog for liveblogger integration into MODx Revolution.

liveblogger 0.4.6


 - each AJAX request for content is now cachebusted by ensuring each URL is unique

 - simplified sample.LiveBlog template to remove boilerX dependency

 - added comments to sample.LiveBlog that jQuery should be included prior to the liveblog-script Chunk include

liveblogger 0.4.5


 - substituted jQuery for ExtJS (NOTE: include jQuery yourself)

liveblogger 0.4.4


 - initial commit

Current releases

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November 10, 2012
2.2 - <2.2